How learning another language affects the brain?

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How learning another language affects the brain?

Learning a new language can be exciting and a rewarding experience in our globalized world. Adding a new language to your CV can bring in extra weight to your skill set and increase your value in the market. But are there any additional benefits to learning in a new language?
Turns out there is.
In this article, we will try to explain how learning a new language affects your brain.
Language is an ultimate exercise for your brain. Understanding a language is one of those difficult tasks that involve a lot of your brain’s power. So when you venture out to learn a new language, it is as good as going to a gym for a good workout, but in this case, it will be for your brain.
People studying a new language often complain of mental tiredness. Many times, the mental exhaustion is harder on us than physical exhaustion.
Once upon a time, raising bilingual children was not encouraged because experts thought the kid’s brain will get confused. Some even suggested it will cause a split personality!
But, that is all in the past as medical research has proven that learning a new language is great for your brain. If children learn multiple languages, they cognitive development will happen faster. In the younger ages, children’s neuroplasticity, or their ability to create new neural connections is a much higher than in later stages. The National Education Assessment (NEA) conducted a detailed study of multilingual kids and according to their findings, bilingual children are better in their cognitive abilities, get a higher score on standardised tests and have a better sense of achievement.
As we grow older, our ability to learn reduces. This is why children can learn a new language much faster than adults. Although adults can understand more complex concepts, when it comes to learning a new language, children outperform adults every time.
So is there any mental advantage in learning a new language as an adult?
Even if adults do not learn as fast as kids, they still get a lot of benefit from learning a foreign language. But be ready for the work
There will be heavy lifting in the first few days as the brain clears the cobwebs.
The first few days back in the gym after a break will always be harder. Similarly, when you learn a new language, it will be hard at first. But with some practice and regularity, you will see results.
Once you get past the mental workout and exhaustion, your brain will flex its well-toned muscles. You will see an improvement in your cognitive abilities. Another advantage is that your ability to listen improves. When you are listening to a new language, you automatically pay more attention. This habit will improve your listening skills.
Another beautiful benefit of learning a new language is that it helps your brain from ageing. Because your brain needs to work hard to make new connections that did not exist before.What a wonderful side effect!

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