What is the easiest language to learn?

As the world becomes more diverse and the distance barriers crumble, knowing more than one language can be a great advantage to your travels and career. Learning a new language can be an exciting or a terrifying experience depending on how much you need it and how fast you want to learn. If someone were [...]

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Most Difficult Asian Languages to learn

Learning a new language can boost your brain power. But is learning an easy language better for your brain than mastering a difficult one? Difficulty in mastering a new language will depend on how similar it is to the one you already know. For example, if you speak Spanish, learning French would be easier since [...]

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How learning another language affects the brain?

Learning a new language can be exciting and a rewarding experience in our globalized world. Adding a new language to your CV can bring in extra weight to your skill set and increase your value in the market. But are there any additional benefits to learning in a new language? Turns out there is. In [...]