What is the easiest language to learn?

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What is the easiest language to learn?

As the world becomes more diverse and the distance barriers crumble, knowing more than one language can be a great advantage to your travels and career. Learning a new language can be an exciting or a terrifying experience depending on how much you need it and how fast you want to learn. If someone were to put you in the middle of Spain with a limited amount of money, you will learn to speak Spanish a lot faster than attending any language class.
So motivation is one of the main keys which can determine how fast you learn a new language.
What about exposure?
As the above example illustrates, motivation when mixed with a lot of exposure, speeds your language learning abilities.
If you don’t have a need but are still curious to find out which is the easiest language to learn, this article will help you find the answer.
For English speakers, Norwegian is the easiest language to learn. Being a member of the Germanic language family, Norwegian and English share a lot of similarities. For example, vinter and sommer are Norwegian words and you can very easily understand what they mean!
Norwegian is also very easy since each verb has only one form per sentence. Most importantly, the order of the words is very close to English. Can you help me would be translated into Kan du hjelpe meg?
When the vocabulary is close to English, the verbs forms limited, and sentence structure and order is similar to a language you already know, learning another language will be easy!!
Another big advantage is the pronunciation. Since Norway has a lot of different accents, you can make your accent work in more than one way.
Our second recommendation is also a part of the Germanic language group. Many Swedish and English words come from the same ancient word. For example, kontakta is the Swedish word which means ‘contact’. The word order is like English and grammar rules are very simple. Plus, if you love furniture and have been to IKEA, you probably already know a few Swedish words.
Did you know Swedish and English have approximately 1500 words in common?
So learning Swedish would be quite easy for an English speaker.
Learn this one language and you can travel through at least 20 different countries without trouble. But, make sure your passport is good and check the visa rules before you start.
While Mandarin and Cantonese have more native speakers, Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language. Thanks to the might of the Spanish Armada, the language has travelled far and wide. Spanish has its origin in Latin and thus shares the roots with English. Being a phonetic language, it is pronounced the way they spell it. The best thing about Spanish is that it is super easy to find a friend who speaks the language. Whether you are in Europe or America, a Hispanic is always close by. It may take an effort to learn, but Spanish will definitely take you places.

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